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We have been the leaders in assisted living assistance for the last 14 years. We are the best in the business and only show proven facilities that meet our strict standards of care.

Assisted Living Steps to Placement

(We do this at NO COST to you or your family.)

1. Listen

We listen. Really listen. Every loving person we help find senior living options for has health concerns and we take those into consideration, but we want to know your “dash,” that line between the birthday and the present. We strive to learn about your life and what makes you, you. This is what sets us apart. We love.


2. Learn

After we listen, and while we love on your family, we learn. We take what has been discussed and learn about your loved one.

We learn all of the requirements that will be necessary when finding your loved one a forever home.

3. Show Options

After learning about the requirements needed and living options that are wanted, we can make suggestions on your options. And there are many.

We are able to help you find the best match possible for senior living. Whether it be a large assisted living facility or small care home. 

4. Find Funding

Many people never realize that funding may be available to their family for placement. We have been in the senior placement industry since before it was really an industry. We have learned so much over the years that could save you thousands.

Don’t take a chance not knowing. We’re able to guide you through this at no cost to your family.

5. Move In

Our service to you truly does stay by your side through the entire process. We make sure your loved one’s move is safe and comfortable for everyone involved. We’ll be there to make introductions to the caregivers who will be taking care you your loved one every day. And make sure you have access to see them whenever you want.

Contact us!

Contact us before you get started on the road ahead. We’ll be by your side every step of the way. 

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Assisted Living Screening Process

It is our intent to assist you in the most effective placement of your loved one. We will discuss our list of recommended care facilities, as well as their assets. We have visited each facility, and visit with residents on a regular basis. We have taken the time to personally get to know the home, their caregivers, and the health care providers. Our motivation and joy is to help others during this difficult time of transition. Our founder, Chrissy Canavan, has personally experience the journey of having to place a loved one in a care facility. Please allow our experience help your family find the perfect forever home for your family.

Approval Process

Significant time has been spent interviewing administrators and observing caregivers by the staff at A Granddaughter’s Promise. We ensure you that all assisted living facilities that we recommend hold proper licenses and provide convenient visitation for families.

Each Assisted Assisted Living option we show you has been screened and assessed in the following ten areas:






Physician Contact
Nurturing Environment