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God bless you

I just want to sincerely thank Chrissy and her staff at A Granddaughter’s Promise for helping my Mom during a very stressful time. Your caring help and guidance made all the difference in the world. May God bless each and every one of you.

Michele Wallace March 16, 2017

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Act Swiftly

When an incident on 12/23/16 with my husband, a longtime dementia patient, made it clear he needed to be in AL, I was blessed to connect with Chrissie Canavan and A Granddaughter’s Promise. If ever I needed a take charge person who was integral, knew her resources, and able to act swiftly, this was the time. After discussing all pertinent information as to his needs, we found the best place for him in one day. When she told me the owners and staff at this residence were heart-centered as well as very professional, this was indeed the truth. I would have slept well, knowing Eric was safe and would be well cared for in all 3 places she took me to. Decided on the smaller residence because felt Eric would be best served in that atmosphere. So very grateful for her help. I give the highest recommendation to her and her organization for help with placement for your loved one.

Judy Walden-Bell March 16, 2017

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Thank you!

We were faced with an urgent need to place our loved one in a monitored setting after she experienced a fall in her home. VITAS recommended that we contact Chrissy and Jenna to help guide us through the many choices and decisions involved in selecting a safe and happy environment. We were aware of several of the larger facilities in the area but had no knowledge of the smaller, homier places that were available. Jenna spent time meeting Mom and recommended three options based on her assessment of what would be a great fit. We decided after touring that Pineapple Gardens was the right choice. Mom loves the outdoor common areas and we love that she has found a place that is welcoming and safe.

Thank you Chrissy and Jenna,

Robert Schuler March 16, 2017

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To Sons and Daughters

In May of 2016, my father, James Muir, was diagnosed with agressive stage 4 brain cancer. He was to pass away less than three months after his diagnosis. This was a time of surgery, rehabilitation, and then recovery at home. A time where your Gather’s condition becomes worse by the day. And the time, that precious time, you want to spend with him before he passes, well, it’s absorbed by cleaning, cooking, laundry, washing, bathing/bathroom, you name it.

I was literally missing the last moments of my Dad’s life. To talk with him, go for a few last drives for ice cream, sit in the sun, have lunch somewhere, WAS IMPOSSIBLE.

Then I found, through Christine Canavan at A Granddaughter’s Promise, Marlene’s ALF. They provided, through their 24/7 care of my Dad, time. That vital time to be with Dad.

Chrissy and Marlene, thank you for giving my Dad and me the time.

Chris Muir September 21, 2016

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An Angel for Your Angel

Thank God for Chrissy and A Granddaughter’s Promise!!! ???? My mom was in assisted living at Generations on the Beach. It was a wonderful experience for my mom. They all treated all of us like family. I very highly recommend Chrissy to find a nice home for your loved one!!!! ???? ????

Traci Turner September 21, 2016

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Brought Us Relief

Chrissy and her team at Granddaughter’s promise are so wonderful! Chrissy has helped us twice over the past five years finding a great place for my mother-in-law to live. The first time was when she needed assisted living after her husband passed away unexpectedly. And then Chrissy helped us again recently when she needed a higher level of care. She was there to listen, offer her knowledge and expertise, and she cared. It was a relief to have someone so well acquainted with the industry guiding us every step of the way. It brought us some relief during very stressful times. I would recommend A Granddaughter’s Promise and Christine Canavan to anyone exploring elder care for their loved one.

Melanie Weber September 21, 2016

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Stood beside me

Where do I begin? I needed help to place my Mom and a friend that I was a caregiver to. Mom was the easiest one because the assisted living, Victoria Landing, was just the right place for her. Kay was a totally different situation. She didn’t have family willing to help so I became her voice. Kay was not able to do the typical assisted living. GDP was able to help place her in a small home setting. I was so overwhelmed with Kay going back and forth between the hospital and rehab and due to her health issues that she only got to spend 6 days at the home setting. GDP has stood beside me with the deaths of both of these ladies 6 weeks apart. I’m so glad that they have stood beside me from start to finish and even after. This has been a heartwarming experience that I won’t forget. I plan to keep in touch so if anyone I come across needs assistance GDP will be the first ones I call on for help. Words alone can’t express what’s in my heart. Bless you for your continued support.

Michelle Smith September 21, 2016

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Best Elder Care Available

Here is the scenario; My mother lives in Florida, my brother, his wife, and myself live in Kansas City. On a Saturday afternoon we get a call from one of my mothers neighbors telling us that when checking in on her she found mom on the floor and that she had been there for almost two days (mom has Alzheimer’s). Of course we are terrified…What do we do? So we catch the first flight we can and my brother and I get to Florida on Monday morning. We were very lucky in that one of the emergency room nurses knew of this organization called “A Granddaughters Promise.” And specifically said to ask for Christine. We called Christine for advice and guidance on how to get mom the help she needed. Christine immediately told us about the whole scene in Florida involving assisted living, rehabilitation, scammers, rules, laws…everything we asked her she either knew or found out within minutes. This woman was like a how-to guide to getting the BEST possible care for mom. Now we are not rich…not nearly, but Christine also helped us with affordable assisted living and this of course was a big relief.

But that is just the logistics; where Christine and her staff truly excel is in the way she cares about mom. Christine once drove all the way across town in rush hour traffic because she heard my mother was not being cared for properly in the hospital. She is a true ADVOCATE for the elderly! She and her staff went out of their way to make sure that my brother and I knew that mom was going to be in the best hands possible. Christine cares so much that at times you think she is part of your family. She really cares That Much!! I am writing this for two reasons. One is that we want to thank “A Granddaughters Promise” for all they have done for us. This organization is just what the assisted living community needs to keep them above board! Two is a warning if you read this: In this economy, scammers come out of the woodwork, and Florida is there playground! No-one knows this better than Christine and A Granddaughter’s Promise! She and her staff will NEVER place your loved one in a home or facility that she has not PERSONALLY watched for ANY complaints or dangers that your loved one may encounter. I trust and thank her with all my heart! And my brother and his wife feel the same. Thank You Christine for everything!

J. Matthews June 14, 2016

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